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Re: clock

Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> > It seems that upon startup, my machine can't get the time properly
> > before mounting filesystems, so it resets my date back to 1969. Yay.
> >
> > hwclock says it's looking for /dev/rtc, which doesn't exist.
> hwclock is for powerpc-machines with pc'ish hardware as CHRP.
> Install the 'powerpc-utils` package and use the /sbin/clock binary.
> /sbin/clock depends on the /dev/adb device
> MfG,
>    Hartmut

Well. That makes a little more sense. :)

I already had powerpc-utils installed, so clock does exist. For some
reason though, all the files in rc.d point to hwclock.

So, the question is: Is this my fault for installing a custom kernel of
2.2.10, using make-kpkg etc, because I started this machine as unstable a
while ago, or what?

Also, I just had to do a MAKEDEV on adb...same question -- is this because
of my custom kernel, or did it come this way? (I havn't had much time to
fiddle with it yet).

Mayhaps my MAKEDEV script is just old....

ah well.

The other question then becomes -- do I just modify all the
rc?.d/???hwclock scripts to point to clock?

-Jeremiah Merkl

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