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Ahoy, everybody.

New to the list, so excuse me if this has already been posted ...

I've managed to compile the latest "milestone" release of Mozilla.
Naturally, there are *ahem* problems with it, such as an apparent
hatred for ftp:// urls. Haven't really tested it extensively, but if
anybody would like the binaries to turn them into a .deb, I'd be happy
to provide them.

(although there really wasn't any hacking required to get the source code
 to compile, it is a rather lengthy process on my G3/266, so I'd hate to
 see it on slower machines)

It definitely seems to mostly work for regular old HTML documents, and even
all the HTML 4.0 stuff works great. It's compiled with GTK, so I can't think
of any reason it can't go into main with a couple of warnings. :)


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