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broken bash?

life sucks.

I was upgrading from LinuxPPC to Debian. I had a lot of problems with
apt tho, and it failed and segfaulted a few times.

I thought that APT was supposed to work around problems like upgrading
libreadline without breaking bash. For me, when I finally figured out
the pathing on my local mirror, and apt didn't segfault on me, it
upgraded libreadline, and told me that from what I remember, it said
that bash was unconfigured, as was apt. And then apt started
segfaulting, and now I'm screwed. I probably shouldn't have logged out,
but its too late now.

So, in the meantime, any ideas how to fix my wonderful mess?

Or am I stuck with complete re-installation? Are the disks working yet,
or is there a working RAMdisk image anyplace?

Sorry if I sound rude, but this sucked hard, and became the capstone to
an already nasty day.

-Jeremiah Merkl

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