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Re: partitioning recommendations

On Thu, May 13, 1999 at 09:10:56PM -0600, Jeremiah Merkl wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommended partion ratios/sizes?
> I know LinuxPPC threw me for a loop with its wonderful symlink from
> /usr/local to /opt, and I'd rather not run out of room during an install
> again. :)
> I've got 48M ram, so my current partions are like so:
> swap  -- 48M
> /     -- 60M
> /tmp  -- 44M

Maybe somewhat small, depending on what you do with it ...
> /usr  -- 400M

trhis one should be bigger, mine is over 800MB, and when i had kernels in
/usr/src, i lacked space to install some stuff.

> /opt  -- 220M

not used on debian/ppc, should be /usr/local.

> /home -- 1300M (personal machine, lots of downloads, compiles, n stuff
> :))

huh, ... not so good an idea, best would be a smaller /home partition, and
	another partition where you can do this stuff. myself i use a big
	/usr/local, or even /usr/local/build, and symlink to it from /home/user.
The point, is that you don't want your personal stuff corrupted if something
	went wrong with your 'play' partition, ...

> /mnt  -- 1M (to keep me from copying files to unmounted drives)
> Is this setup still reasonable? Does anyone have a really HUGE install
> done and have pointers as to what fills up first?
> I found basic guidelines on partition sizes once many moons ago, and I
> havn't been able to find it since.



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