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partitioning recommendations

Does anyone have any recommended partion ratios/sizes?

I know LinuxPPC threw me for a loop with its wonderful symlink from
/usr/local to /opt, and I'd rather not run out of room during an install
again. :)

I've got 48M ram, so my current partions are like so:

swap  -- 48M
/     -- 60M
/tmp  -- 44M
/usr  -- 400M
/opt  -- 220M
/home -- 1300M (personal machine, lots of downloads, compiles, n stuff
/mnt  -- 1M (to keep me from copying files to unmounted drives)

Is this setup still reasonable? Does anyone have a really HUGE install
done and have pointers as to what fills up first?

I found basic guidelines on partition sizes once many moons ago, and I
havn't been able to find it since.


-Jeremiah Merkl

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