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RS/6000 2.2.6 kernel (source,image) available soon.

Okay, okay. I got sick of all the RS/6000 people wanting a kernel. So
I'm going to be a nice guy. ;)

Memorize this URL. 

What will you find there? Well, not packages. kernel-package doesn't
like me, or I'm doing something wrong. So no packages yet. (Did I
mention the fact I'm not a registered Debian developer either? ;)

You'll find the following 'generic' kernels for making RS/6000
bootdisks, or compiling your own source. This is subject to change, as
I'm still building things, or at least trying to. ;)


NONE of these are really tested. The source compiles with gcc
vanilla fine, and (my own little hacks) correctly. The
Makefiles have been modified to correctly pick up PowerPC-based
machines. I don't garauntee that ANY of these kernels will work
perfectly, or even boot, on your RS/6000. If it does, tell me. If it
doesn't, tell me why it doesn't. I don't have a machine to test on
currently, so I'm going mostly from memory and older (just >3 months
old) work I've done. If anybody wants to donate any older RS/6000's (ie;
POWER2, P2SC based ones, or Cxx models) please email me privately. I'll
be more than glad to pay shipping. Still working on getting the
independent Linux-RS/6000 Project going, but it's in the middle of total
reorganization right now. (Ah, I love chaos. Chaos, chaos, everywhere,
and not a thought to think. ;)  I'll probably elaborate on that
situation on debian-devel within the coming weeks for those who are that
interested. ;) Anyways, give these kernels a shot, and let me know how
they work or don't work for you. Have fun. :)  And don't blame me if you
screw your JFS partitions, either. ;)

-Phillip R. Jaenke, Head Unix Guru, Unicent Telecom
 216-344-2649 x4268

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