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Re: Failed base upgrade to bash 2.02

On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Matt Porter wrote:

>I probably mistated the problem.  I was concerned that in upgrading from
>bash 2.01 (from the base2_2.tgz tarball I used to populate my system) that
>there is a dependency problem.  You may not see it on 2.02.

>In my case, apt updated libc6 2.1 to libc 2.1.1...then it tried to update
>bash 2.01 -> 2.02. When it executes bash.prerm using the old version of
>bash (linked against libc6 2.1), it segfaults.  I just am concerned that
>future versions of bash will be broken in a similar fashion.

ah... the infamous bash problem. I am looking at it right now.
I just hope I will not have to reinstall my system to find the bug.
I'll keep in touch.

Konstantinos Margaritis

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