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Re: installing debian ppc

> There will probably need to be at least two disks.  The first would be
> HFS, and contain only one file - the bootloader should not have to deal
> with a complete floppy driver!  The COFF format supports an embedded
> ramdisk.
> The other disk could be ext2 formatted, or more like the PC version
> (IIRC) a gzipped ramdisk.  This would need to be shrinkwrapped- no HFS
> at all.  Fortunately, this can be produced even without MacOS -
> ShrinkWrap can take raw files and write them to disk, given the proper
> type/creator.  There's no meta-information in one of its existing file
> formats.  Don't recall the type/creator off the top of my head though.

Yeah, that was the reason for asking! Currently both floppy-disk are
images. I think we need three floppies. One for the kernel (msdos/hfs
format), one for the ramdisk (ext2 image) and one for the kernel modules
(also an ext2 image). This is what we have currently. Now i test how
it will fit with the ramdisk (root.bin and per initrd) and the modules.

> This would only work for Power Macs.  The other (PReP, CHRP)
> architectures we support would require their own boot methods, and I
> don't know much about that.

Chrp is broken for floppy access from linux. Possible way is tftp booting.

Prep .... don't know, possible from AIX? 

Tervola (the powerpc.debian.org machine) builds now new boot-floppies.
Lets hope all went fine. If so -- i upload a new boot-floppies set with
rescue, ramdisk and drivers.  

ShrinkWrap is an OF function? You say it can de done without MacOS?



PS: all other bigger files from the boot directory are also images!!

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