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Re: XF86Config for PowerMac 6500 (ATI graphic card with fbdev)

In article <Pine.LNX.3.95.990224112557.2854A-100000@pacific.pht.com>, 
Brad Midgley wrote:

>i'm almost certain this is a symptom of the fact that accel is
>incompatible with modes "default" on ati hardware at least. it sounds like
>the problem i saw. disable accel or don't use modes default. 

After digging through many doc files and the documentation available on
xfree86.org, I found I can use fbset to get the correct settings. And after
readding the virtual setting in the config file, it even worked. Dang - the
server really should give a more meaningfull message than "no valid modes
found" when virtual is missing :-/

But it _does_ work now!

bye, Georg

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