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XF86Config for PowerMac 6500 (ATI graphic card with fbdev)


Anybody has any hint's on this? The problem is, the documations is highly PC
centric and I don't quite see how to fit it to my Mac. What driver entries
have to be done? It's an ATI Mach64GT (3D Rage) board. If I use the
XF86Config from /usr/doc/xserver-common and change /dev/mouse to /dev/adbmouse
(although it hurts a bit to leave the "busmouse" setting), I only get a weird
screen with a mouse-cursor. It actully does kind of work, I can imagine from
the pieces I see that it tries to open an xterm and position it, but it's
hopelessly broken ...

BTW: the xserver-configure script doesn't work, it barfs about an syntax error
at the expr command.

bye, Georg

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