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Re: First Install help

I also try to install Debian/powerpc.

LinuxPPC R4 is in /dev/sdb5 and I install Debian to /dev/sdd5.

What I do in LinuxPPC R4 is as below;

# mount /dev/sdd5 /mnt/sdd5
# tar zxvf base2_1.tgz -C /mnt/sdd5

# cd /mnt/sdd5/etc
# vi fstab
	/dev/sdd5	/	ext2	defaults	1 1
	/dev/sdd4	swap	swap	defaults	0 0
	/dev/cdrom	/mnt/cdrom iso9960 noauto,ro	0 0
	none		/proc	proc	defaults	0 0

# vi hostname
	athome (as you like)
# vi hosts	localhost
# vi resolv.conf
	search y-min.or.jp
	nameserver ***.***.***.***

# cd /mnt/sdd5/etc/init.d
# vi network
	ifconfig lo
	route add lo
	ifconfig eth0 ***.***.***.** netmask
	route add default gw ***.***.***.*** metric 1
# chmod 755 network

# cd /mnt/sdd5/sbin
# mv unconfigured.sh unconfigured.sh.org
# rm uncofigured.sh

If /sbin/unconfigured.sh is present, it will make reboot.

After you can reboot from /dev/sdd5,
you can not set keymap and can not login as root.
After forced reboot by comman+option+powerkey,
you can login. (Why ?, I don't know.)

MURATA Nobuhiro

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