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Re: installing debian/ppc

On Fri, Feb 12, 1999 at 08:15:01PM -0600, Tim Fairbank wrote:
> Hi Clay:
> >After the kernel loaded, I got a message saying /sbin/unconfigure.sh
> >couldn't run because it was a read-only filesystem (not the exact
> error; I
> >can get that if needed), and I couldn't get any further than that.
> That's exactly where  I got stuck last night. Eventually, I found an old
> message in the mail archives that implied that the next move was to
> delete /sbin/unconfigure.sh, so I did. (Actually, just to play it safe,
> I
> renamed it to /sbin/unconfigure.sh.dist) That helped considerably;
> now I can boot all the way into a login shell.
> Even so, the existance of that file seems to imply that all is not quite
> right. My next step is to track down all the things that the normal
> x86 debian installer would have configured for me, and try to fix
> them manually. Here's my checklist, so far:
> 1. Host name
> 2. IP address
> 3. DNS servers (resolv.conf)
> 4. Time zone? (I don't quite know where to look for this...)

For timezone, run tzconfig.  Also set /etc/fstab up.

Really, the installer should work sometime soon...


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