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installing debian/ppc

Hi Clay:

>After the kernel loaded, I got a message saying /sbin/unconfigure.sh
>couldn't run because it was a read-only filesystem (not the exact
error; I
>can get that if needed), and I couldn't get any further than that.

That's exactly where  I got stuck last night. Eventually, I found an old

message in the mail archives that implied that the next move was to
delete /sbin/unconfigure.sh, so I did. (Actually, just to play it safe,
renamed it to /sbin/unconfigure.sh.dist) That helped considerably;
now I can boot all the way into a login shell.

Even so, the existance of that file seems to imply that all is not quite

right. My next step is to track down all the things that the normal
x86 debian installer would have configured for me, and try to fix
them manually. Here's my checklist, so far:

1. Host name
2. IP address
3. DNS servers (resolv.conf)
4. Time zone? (I don't quite know where to look for this...)

I hope this helps. Perhaps some of the knowledgable developers could
add their thoughts?

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