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Re: KDE 1.1 packages

> I have finished building kde 1.1 packages for powerpc, and would make them
> available on my home page, but they're quite big, so I want to know if
> anyone's interested before I upload them. They are quite stable (hhavn't
> crashed on me yet.

Upload it (if you can) and more users can test it. 

>   One question, will they require recompiling for the new
> egcs/libstdc++/glibc 2.1?

I'm not sure but i hope not. The older x-libs and the libstdc++ have 
pre-defines for glibc-2.0 (the glibc-2.0.1xx are only newer glibc-2.0
versions). So it should be only for compiling not for executing. 



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