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Re: emacs 20.3-7: bad build

gobbel@andrew.cmu.edu (Randy Gobbel) writes:

> The version of emacs 20.3-7 on ftp.debian.org is seriously screwed up. 
> It gets various sorts of arithmetic errors, font-lock colors are
> psychedelic, customization gives messages saying "you shouldn't be
> seeing this", etc.  I rebuilt the package from source on my system and
> now it seems healthy.

I've seen similar problems since -5.1 . Floating point is completely wedged,
shows up as a GNUS error for me. Probably unrelated is some kind of problem
with movemail: it just always fails, in every version I've seen (-5 onwards).
Building it from source works just fine.

I'm trying to learn about the debian bug tracking system.. I have some other
powerpc-specific bugs (esound, gtk) and I'm not sure who to send them to. Are
there any docs on how the multiple architectures are handled in debian


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