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Re: Old base tarballs

On Tue, Dec 08, 1998 at 02:40:12PM +0100, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > actually i don't know. it seem that the stuff in /dev is not ok, i had problems
> > with xterm because the /dev/tty* where not readable by everyone. i guess you
> > should get a recent MAKEDEV (from the same name debian package ?), erase the
> > /dev/* and remake them (don't know the options of MAKEDEV, ./MAKEDEV all didn't
> > 	   work for me, so i just chmod a+w /dev/tty* ...)
> Use the `-p' option of tar to preserve the permissions.

yes, but i didn't knew that when i installed the base tarball. i suppose i
could just do a tar -C / xpzvf base.tgz /dev/* instead ?

what is the correct way to use MAKEDEV to recreate all the devices ?



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