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Re: Hi!

	I just got some time to install Debian (been running LinuxPPC for
the last few months), and so I'm now going to take the plunge. 
Conveniently, Dan posted this brief installation guide in response to
Kirstin's message, but I have a couple of questions:

1) The web page says something about not yet supporting ide drives.  This
has changed, I hope?  

2) Do I delete /sbin/unconfigured.sh before running it or anything?

3) When you say to set up the network script, I assume you don't mean
write one from scratch (since there wasn't one in base2_1.tgz).  Can I
modify the one from LinuxPPC or what? 



> OK.  The basic process of switching to debian/powerpc goes like this:
> Get a really small LinuxPPC system up.		Check!
> Untar the base2_1.tgz from the ftp site
>   somewhere, preferably on another partition.	______
> Make a couple of missing devices and delete
>   /sbin/unconfigured.sh; set up network in
>   /etc/init.d/network; create fstab and
>   resolv.conf by hand; configure anything
>   else that really wants configuring.		______
> Install apt and go!				______

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