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xterm not working on Dan's X packages ....

hello, ...

after one month without access to my harddisk, i finally got my scsi cable
back, and tried to install dan's X packages. it seems to be working fine, but
xterm does have some problems, it don't opens an xterm, and says something
about denied permission on the console.

i had no time (tried it this morning) to check the problem more, but since this
package are there since some time now, perhaps someone else has encouterer (and
solved?) the same problem, so i don't need to pass time on it.

btw, the current base has a kbd-dataxxx-10, but only a kbd_xxx-9 which depends
on kbd-data (=xxx-9), so it is not useable. I didn't have the latest kbd source
so i compiled the -7 version of them. 

Should it be possible to do something so that binary-all package that are
depended upon by binary-ppc packages don't get erased when there is a new
verison of the package, but not yet the corresponding ppc package ?

i know this is a stimulus for me to compile my own packages, but i stopped
mirroring source when binary-all, binary-ppc and source didn't fit anymore on
my syjet cartridge, will have to buy a second one for the source ...



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