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enlightenment serious bug

I just got the new enlightenment .deb and since it was my first (actually
second, the first one was back at 0.12) try of this, I was amazed and
decided to make it the default wm. However, it seems that either this wm,
or the xserver-fbdev from dan's page, has a very serious flaw.
Using 2.1.129, libc2.0.100, and the aforementioned enlightenment & Xfree
versions, each time I try to open an xterm, the server hard crashes, and
if this happens a few times, every new command I tried gave me, either
"Segmentation fault" or "Illegal instruction"!! I couldn't even halt,sync
or reboot! Hundrends of fsck errors occurred later, fortunately none
I am saying this just as a warning, and a question of what might be at

Konstantinos Margaritis

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