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Re: xterm failed, 2.1 dependencies


> > >We're much closer to having an installer now; unfortunately, it's
> > >1.56MB, and I need to play around with the linker to see if we can make

ah yes. stripping every binary, combining binaries, linking statically if
the library is only used once, compiling kernels with every possibly
option left out, etc. i did this a lot. i remember being ecstatic because
compiling a kernel with everything i needed and not compiling in module
support bought me 50k or something. 

> Yes it is, but (A) it has to work on non-mac machines, (B) floppies can
> be very convenient, and (C) Does BootX have ramdisk support yet?
> Dan

from the start ben put ramdisk support in bootx. i'm using it in the next
turbolinuxppc and since we are focusing on macs and clones i don't have to
worry about squeezing stuff onto a floppy. i don't envy you :) 

(btw, the ramdisk is a *standalone* ramdisk.tar.gz file which makes it
convenient to build) 


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