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Re: Linux for Motorola NT ophans

> I have access to several Motorola PPC computers here that have become NT
> ophans.
> Rather than see them end up in the dumpster, I'd like to install linux on
> them.  A description
> of these machines is as follows:
> Motorola Model Number: MT604-133F
> Housed in a mini tower pc type box.  Motherboard has 4 72 pin simm sockets.
> There are
> 3 pci and 3 isa slots (one shared) on a riser card.  Mother board has built
> in SVGA (CL GD5434),
> built in SCSI (NCR 53C810), built in ethernet (DEC 21040).  HD and CD are
> scsi.  Motherboard has
> a ps2 style mouse connector.  Also built in FD controller and FD drive
> (1.44mb).
> Is there a linux distribution configuration for this hardware?  What to I
> need to install on these machines?
> We would hate to have to scrap these computers which are now worthless
> thanks to
> Micro$ofts change of mood.

Is there OpenFirmware on startup?  
This looks like an prep-configuration, but we have not yet anything ready 
for booting and setup this system. 

I have no access to such a system ... please get the base2_1.tgz (should
be available in a few days) and try tftp-booting. This should work
easily. After this you can install all available debian/powerpc binaries. 

One problem: the prep kernel.  Could someone compile one for prep? I'm
to busy. (don't forget to include tftp support!!)



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