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Web page (~joey)

Greets again,

  I found the following web page, which explains a method of installing


Anyway, for the chap that was also seeking to find out how to install, it
looks like you can go to the url above, and skip to step 6 (after making a new
partition for the debian, mke2fs'ing it, and mounting it, naturally).

It looks like it will be easy enough, and I see no reason why the linuxPPC
kernel (even the prebuilt one) should not work for us. Is this correct?

I'm very anxious to get this working - I have to get a harddrive back from a
friend to install off of. Once I'm going, what area needs most work? I.e.,
would it be of must use for me to learn how to make .deb packages, and start
compiling stuff, or are there other areas which need work? I am not a C
programmer, but there should be other things I can do to help.

Thanks all!


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