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sysklogd broke my root login

Re sysklogd package broke my root login today.

syslogd and klogd were not running on my powerpc because
I prefer the rc.inet1, rc.inet2 scripts and had not corrected
the pathnames from /usr/sbin to /sbin.

As soon as I did turn them on root was unable to login, though
other users could.  Nor was I able to su to root.  It would
print `you have no mail' and hang prior to running /bin/sash.

So I booted -b sushell=/bin/sash, moved syslogd out of the
path, and restarted system fine.  Logged in as root fine.
Started syslogd and tried to login on another console as
root.  Got to no mail and it hung.  Killed syslogd and got
the shell prompt on that new console.

sysklogd_1.3-29.deb  powerpc

Everything on that machine tracks unstable.

I don't know if this is a bug or something local.  Has
anyone else run into it?



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