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Re: DebPPC at Israel

> 	I live at Brazil and am working at Israel for a few weeks.  Now
> 	I need a Linux notebook, and instead of a Intel machine I thought
> of getting a Debian PPC CD and an used PowerBook.  I can't buy new
> because later I won't be able to import a new computer into Brazil
> without much hassle and taxes.  Therefore I need to know:
> 	1)  Is there any Israeli vendor of Debian CDs who could provide
> PPC CD of Slink?  Or any European one who could deliver in one to two
> weeks?

Don't know, but we have not yet CD's available. 

> 	2)  Are there Israeli DebPPC (or LinuxPPC) user groups?

Don't know.

> 	3)  Does anyone knows if there is any reseller of used PPC
> machines in Israel?

Powerbooks ate much cheaper in US.



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