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DebPPC at Israel

	I live at Brazil and am working at Israel for a few weeks.  Now
	I need a Linux notebook, and instead of a Intel machine I thought
of getting a Debian PPC CD and an used PowerBook.  I can't buy new
because later I won't be able to import a new computer into Brazil
without much hassle and taxes.  Therefore I need to know:

	1)  Is there any Israeli vendor of Debian CDs who could provide
PPC CD of Slink?  Or any European one who could deliver in one to two

	2)  Are there Israeli DebPPC (or LinuxPPC) user groups?

	3)  Does anyone knows if there is any reseller of used PPC
machines in Israel?

	After leaving Israel I will go thru Europe -- Amsterdam,
Frankfurt, Rome, Paris or London --, so if nothing is available here
I could buy there also, but I'd rather buy here and now.


Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corcete Dutra
AUREC/Amdocs, Amdocs (Brasil) Ltda
Yamit Hotel, room 514
79 Ha'yarkon Street
Tel Aviv, Israel

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