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fakeroot segfaults when running dbuild-rfakeroot.

Hello, ...

i have tried building some packages with dbuild, but with various success.

dbuild -rfakeroot, had big problems, because fakeroot segfaulted. i think this
is due to the fact that fakeroot is from december 12, 1997, and thus surely not
compiled with the current glibc, and i think i read something about fakeroot
needing to be the same glibc2 as the installed one.

dbuild -rsudo compiled correctly, but had a problem later on saying it didn't
find a library (actually a symlink) that was there, i think it is a access
right problem.
(i tried dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo with the same result).

a dpkg-buildpackage ªs root built the package correctly, but i didn't tried
dbuild as root yet.



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