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Re: early installer floppy work

> Well, a binary upload (installation tarball etc.) was just uploadewd to
> Incoming.
> Hartmut, could you please do a matching SOURCE upload?

Of what?  The boot-floppies source or kernel source ??? The boot-floppies
package will be upload by Enrique in the next days/weeks. 

Kernel-Images could be uploaded to Experimental (i hope), but could you
send me the fixed kernel-package rules script?

> > Can I get ahold of some of it?  I'd like to take a run at creating the
> > debian linux/ppc installer.

My upload to masters Incoming is the first one for powerpc floppies and the
tarball. The floppies and the tarball are _untested_!! The floppie-images
doesn't reflect prep or pmac and also not chrp environments. BTW: these are
ext2 images. 

Cort: what need you? I can send you the boot-floppies source ... 



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