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Re: utill-linux, package

Dan Jacobowitz wrote:
> That's a leftover from haggie's habit pf binary-only NMUs, right?  I
> have patches for it, and I filed a bug with them as I recall - check
> the BTS.  If they aren't there I'll send them to you; and in fact if
> someone will look over them first, I may NMU.

I can't find the patch in the bug tracking system, Neither on
nor on http://master.debian.org/~cpbs/d.html .

I may be blind, but...

Did you get agetty working again?  I wonder why it stopped because
this was one of the first programs that I've patched for the powerpc,
some 1.5 years ago.



Those who don't understand Linux are doomed to reinvent it, poorly.

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