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I would like to try installing debian-ppc

Even if debian-ppc is not stable enough yet, I'd like to try installing
it. I have approx. 500 Mbyte of disk space on a PowerMac 5400/180, and a
MacOS partition. I read the installation instructions
(http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/installation) and I understood that
first I need to get Stuffit (I have it) and then repartition the hard
disk. It is still not clear how to get a core system on the partition. I
get the tarball and then what? Please help me or at least tell me what to


P.S.: Do you think that 500M enough for a small, experimental workstation?
If the students like (the need only Netscape, a simple word processor
and an e-mail program) it we can put debian on all of the ten PPCs.

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