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hello, ...

i have played a bit with dpkg-cross and have a remark and a problem with it.

Firstly, when i built my m68k -> ppc cross compiler, it put the includes in :

/usr/local/arch_specific_name/sys-include and not include, like it is the default in dpkg-cross.

Secondly, i tried to cross build the hello package, and it died with the following error (more or less since i am at workand don't have it under my eyes.)

/lib/libc.so.6 don't recognize the file format.

my guess is that it don't use /usr/local/ppc-linux/lib/libc.so.6 like it should but the m68k one ?

why is that ? did i do something wrong ? i had already compiled the linux kernel and a simple hello world program without problem.



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