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Re: sid for LinuxPPC, boot-disks

First of all, you might want to check out the current installation
document at http://www.debian.org/~joey/powerpc/install.html

Uwe Muench wrote:
> I have a PowerMac 4400/220 with LinuxPPC... I don't like the 
> RedHat-distrib for LinuxPPC, though (ie they don't have a xntp
> included), therefore I'd like to use the upcoming upgrade to switch to
> Debian...

Good choice.  I've set CC to the debian-powerpc list.  Feel free to
check that list, too, i.e. it's archive at

> Now: How do I do this? I didn't see any LinuxPPC-bootdisks...

Currently we don't have them.  I seem to remember that one out of
the porting team was about playing around with them.  Until that
you either have to use the linuxppc bootdiske (to be found at
ftp.linuxppc.org) or overwrite an existing system by unpacking a
tarball over it.

> Is there a way to slowly upgrade from RedHat to Debian without
> booting? Since the machine is my mailserver, etc, I want the upgrade
> to have almost no impact on the normal user usage, of course... ;-)

If you're familiar with Debian this is no problem.  If you're not,
this will be a hassle.

Basically you should get the powerpc base system tarball.  If you
don't want to harm your existing system, you should untar it in
/new and copy as much files to their normal places as you can.


The most important files are:
/etc/init.d* /etc/rc* /etc/passwd /etc/group /etc/alternatives

These files have to be copied as a minimum since they include
basic tools and configuration files for a Debian system.  Once
you have installed this tarball you can continue with dpkg -i
or dselect.



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