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Re: List of powerpc owners

> Wow! Very good, but  -sorry- which direction was is? 
> i386 > ppc    ??? 

no, m68k -> ppc naturally, with the other side of my apus board, only a '40
so it is quite slow, but it works . Perhaps i could cross compile you a 
ppc -> m68k corss compiler, would be funny.

err, .. special procedure for making cross debian packages, i have seen some cross
debian tools for i386->ppc, some time ago.

Sorry for oldeburg, but it would be to difficult for me to go, i had some proposal from 
someone from saarlouis, but he leaves on thursday, and i can't leave work until friday afternoon.

> What about next year in Strassburg? :-)

mmm, i will have to think about it, i don't have attic, and i don't think we will fit in my 4 square meter of my appartment. Will think about it thought, but i think it is quite far for most people ?



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