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Re: List of powerpc owners

> Hartmut, i have a working cross compiler now, i could cross compile some packages ? is this easy to do, is there a special procedure for it ?

Wow! Very good, but  -sorry- which direction was is? 

i386 > ppc    ??? 

i like to have the ppc -> m68k cross compiler. 

Special procedure: hmmm  don't know it exactly. Often you must set the ARCH=xxxx
to compile it for the other architecture. Or if you have a package with a
'configure' script you easiely add a --target=m68k or others. I think it was
`target` . 

For linux, look into the Makefile and set the arch explicitly. 

Fine that you will get gtk; but not fine that you can't come to oldenburg. I think
it will be the last one in oldenburg. What about next year in Strassburg? :-)
The first meating was on a friends attic in mannheim. 



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