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Re: List of powerpc owners

> >this is a list of people with a powerpc system. It is always good to
> >have such
> i have a PowerComputing PowerCenter 132MHz computer on which i run

603 or 604 cpu?

> debian linux (finally managed to boot back, after i deleted the old
> redhat mini-partition). i am also willing to help with the port (i've
> been compiling packages for my own use) and i am a debian maintainer
> for some i386 packages.

You have a working glibc-2.1 system (now)? Very good! 

Get one or more packages from the list and inform me. 

You shouldn't work on emacs, eject, mailagent, timidity, synaesthesia,
arena, libgsm or xmame. Also not on ae (espy?) or xfree (drow). 

How about gtk? or apache? 



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