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Re: It's done

At 12:10 -0700 1998-08-29, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
>ae_962-21.deb 				(general error)

There are glibc 2.1 patches in the BTS, why they haven't been integrated I
don't know.

>shadow_980403-0.3.deb 			(no ut_name struct entry)

Patch available in BTS, upstream responded to forwarded report suggesting
new upstream source has this fixed too.

>console-tools-dev_1998.06.03-1.deb	(need sys/perm.h)

Hmm... apparently it is trying to build something i386-specific.

>emacs19_19.34-20.deb			XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
>emacs20_20.2-8.deb			XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Those need patches for powerpc support, emacs20's maintainer has access to
a powerpc and has been directed to the appropriate patches.

>qvplay_0.10-1.deb 			(need ioctl-types.h)

Guessing from looking at glibc 2.1 and glibc 2.0 headers, this should be
sys/ioctl.h instead.

>bind_8.1.2-2.deb 			(too many levels of symbolic links)

It needs to be built closer to /, or the maintainer needs to use a
different build process.

>djtools_1.0-3.deb			(dh_installdocs error)

dh_installdocs was broken in a recent debhelper release, maybe just trying
again will work.

>hwtools_0.3-4.deb 			(arch error)

I'm kinda the maintainer of this, so I'll look at it


Should be "Architecture: i386"
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