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Re: It's done

Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > Tervola now boots from the IDE disk.  I noticed that 1.5GB of
> > space is already used and there's only 400MB left.  I'm not sure
> > if that's the expected disk usage.
> :-) I think Espy has already many packages installed. 
> Only 400MB ... hmmm ... not enough to compile fortune-mod. 

fortune-mod needs *more* than fourhundred megabytes?  I've seen
big packages, and I've seen large packages, and I've even heard
of huge packages but this breaks everything.[1]

> Have you a second hardisk for compiling purpose ??

Currently there's also the 1gig scsi drive connected and the
300mb scsi drive that we use as backup system.  It contains
the last but one system.  Please do *not* use it for something
else.  The 1gig drive however can be used freely.

Once finlandia (main server) is fixed I'll re-arrange disks in
some systems which might affect tervola as well.



[1] Did you mix up 400MB with 400kB?

Never trust an operating system you don't have source for!

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