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Re: Debian/PPC

Hi Joey,

> If these work you should:
> . partition the disk
> . mke2fs a file system on it
> . mount it
> . mount the hfs partition (assuming you put the powerpc-base there)
> . Install it with cat power-base|gzip -d|tar -x -C /mnt -f -
> . Adjust passwords
> . Install a working kernel
> . Figure how you can boot, either by using quik or a different
>   mechanism
> . Adjust OF
> . try to boot

add you this to the powerpc html page? I'll do it, when i have some more time
for it.

Second: i cannot find my tarball in Incoming. Please save it from your mirrors
Incoming to a better place. 

I hope gpm is now correct! Please test it. 

For the tarball: I'm in the progress to build a new one (with changes file, so
it goes to disk-powerpc), but there are some problems ... i need some days. 
Don't hurry me :-) 

Please report problems for the tarball to me: which perl file was it -- that
was missing for dselect?? awk will be included.

For mark: welcome! Nice to have you here on the list!



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