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Re: Debian/PPC

Erwan Lerale wrote:
> > > I have a 5300C powerbook what do you think about running this
> > > computer under Linux ? I have seen a lot of contradictions in the
> > > doc i have read.
> > 
> > Oh, I don't know much about hardware.  If mklinux or linuxppc

Neither do I, btw.  Hardware gets developed faster than I can follow
and I find software much more interesting.

> > supports this machine Debian does, too.  In that case it will
> > be a good idea to run it with Linux. :-)
> I'm not very good with the macintosh world ;( Could you please tell

Neither do I, btw.  I owned intel PCs for about 10 years, did some
hardware hacking in my former life, and learned to hate Apples.
Then I got this machine next to me... Wow, with Linux they're useful...

> me how can i install the powerpc-base.tar.gz ? i don't want to
> run the mklinux installer ... ;)

Ok.  You should the the following:

a) boot the disk under Linux, somehow, via installer, boot disk,
   cdrom.  At least it runs under Linux.

b) Get essential programs to work.  These are: shell, mke2fs, tar,
   pdisk (fdisk replacement) gunzip, mount, umount (sync, eject
   could be helpful), maybe quik

c) a way to access external data, e.g. by ftp'ing, reading from
   a hfs partition, external disk with data written by another 

If these work you should:

. partition the disk
. mke2fs a file system on it
. mount it
. mount the hfs partition (assuming you put the powerpc-base there)
. Install it with cat power-base|gzip -d|tar -x -C /mnt -f -
. Adjust passwords
. Install a working kernel
. Figure how you can boot, either by using quik or a different
. Adjust OF
. try to boot

> Cu soon under debian/PPC :)

I hope so.



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