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booting back into debian

i can't seem to be able to boot back into debian after i delete the
redhat partition. this is what i did. i created three partitions, one
swap 20mb, one unix partition 100mb, and another unix partition for
the rest of the disk. i installed the base redhad ppc system on the
100mb partition + ftp, got the debian tarball, unpacked it in the
other partition modified quik to point to /dev/sda4 rebooted and the
system came back under debian.

next, i made a swap partition out of the redhat one, and then i wanted
to reboot the computer but it doesn't want to come back under linux
any more. i went back to macos, run bootvars with these parameters:

boot-file=/boot/vmlinux /dev/sda4

still no luck. does anybody have any ideas? in the past i went back
and reinstalled the redhat base system on /dev/sda3 and continued from
there, but i don't want to do that again. i want to find a reliable
way to reboot my computer without redhat on it. thanks.


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