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Re: Status of Debian on the PowerMacs?r

> cfm@maine.com wrote:
> > I've just reinstalled debian from the base.tar.gz tarball.
> > 
> > I had (have) three difficulties: 1) relating to the tarball 2)
> > another because I was installing **over** a redhat/mklinux
> > system, and 3) no editor worked.
> > 
> > 1)  dselect/dpkg uses awk to determine diskspace available.
> > My awk was a mess of back and forth symlinks ultimately pointing
> > to gawk, which because of glibc2 would only segfault, hence
> > no disk space available, hence deselect failed.
> This is a known bug which has been addressed.  The base system
> currently lacks an awk.  Hartmut will include one in the next
> base tarball.
> > 2) I had a bunch of shell-utils, chown, chmod, etc... in path
> > built with incompatible libs.  Had to blow them away.
> Did you try to reinstall the shellutils.deb?

Yes, but the issue was that I have **extra** ones with wrong
libc **earlier** in the path.  The install scripts do not specify
full path to shellutils.  That would not happen on a clean install,
but my install was untarred **over** a previous system.
> This libc is incompatible with most of all libc's for PowerPC
> before.  You cannot run old binaries with the new libc.[1]
> > 3) vi /etc/inittab (or any file) would only give me an empty screen.
> > I've not figured that one out yet.
> Did you try to install a different editor?

Yes.  ed seemed to work, but it was easier to ftp to another
machine and edit there. ;^)

> Check your TERM, LINES and COLUMNS variables.  I know from other
> systems that they mess up with my screen modes.

Ahh, might be.

> > It may or may not be a difficulty, but I've still to figure out
> > just how to convert a running system to debian without blowing
> Since the libraries this is difficult.  We tried this, I believe these
> trials did cost us at least half of a year - together with endless
> compilations of new and old C libraries, compatibility packages,
> screwing the system etc.

It's not like I can wipe clean a dozen machines with users and processes.

> > everything away.  I have difficulties `bootstrapping' dpkg.  Apt
> > seems easier, but I did not find an apt-get for powerpc.
> Try to compile it on your own.  If it's not in main but in experimental
> it won't be compiled regularily.

Yes.  After I get auto*, etc... and a functioning build environment.
Getting editor going is first priority.

> > > I've included a prelimnary installation document in my powerpc web
> > > pages at http://master.debian.org/~joey/powerpc/install.html.
> > > 
> > > I need more information in order to complete it.  I'd appreciate
> > > if the people who recently have installed the system would send
> > > me appropriate paragraphs.
> [1] You can still run them, there is a bincompat package/program/library,
>     but it didn't work as expected.

I'm doing that on my i86 machines.

> Regards,
> 	Joey
> -- 
> *** Fatal Error: Found [MS-Windows], repartitioning Disk for Linux ...


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