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Re: debian/slink base tarball ...

i started with the redhat based ppc distribution, i installed just the
base set + ftp so i could get the tarball over. for this i made a
partition of 100M, but it easily fits in 50, i think. installed the
tarball on the other partition, installed the new kernel (2.1.115 at
that time), installed the new kernel for redhat also. copy quik over
to debian (is there a debian package for quik? is there something
better than quik?). mounted the debian partition from redhat as
/debian. did 'chroot /debian /bin/sh'. run quik on debian. reset
whatever needs to be reset so the powerpc will boot off debian next
time. rebooted the computer into debian. made the former redhat
partition swap space. and that was it. not the most elegant way, but i
was dying to have debian on the powerpc.


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