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Re: debian/slink base tarball ...

> i was not able to install the base tarball, since i don't have a working
> ramdisk with tar and gzip and other such useful stuff.
> where can i get something similar ? i think standard debian and redhat
> ramdisk (or root images or whatever the name is for those things) don't use
> tar and gzip but other tools to do the same thing (debian use cpio and star
> i think, but i don't have debian ppc ramdisk available, i don't know what
> redhat uses)

Can you mount the partition and put the tarball on it, and then booting this?

Ramdisk: no, bootable cdrom: no, floppy install: no tftp-boot: yes 

You have an APUS system, that means -- if i'm correct informed -- you have
an amiga as the host or base system with an expansion card, and on this
card is the 604e proz. You boot m68k-linux and switch to the 604 part or
booting the 604 and use the 68040 (or whatever) as fpu or second cpu , ????

Please describe your system a little bit. 

On the m68k side we have the bootstrap to boot the kernel. The kernel image
is outside the root-partition. Can you do this also with your 604 system?   



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