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who's working on the Installer?

I am very new in the Linux arena. I have got MkLinux to work on
an 8500/180, SuSE on a Pentium 90, and Redhat from LinuxPPC.org
on a 4400/200 (still got to get my 21140-based card to run).
Debian seems a logical choice since I work just around the corner
from JF Lehmanns, where I am a regular (book) customer. I also like
the Debian spirit.
I probably have a lot of experience yet to make, but I have some
local contacts from BeLUG. There's a mountain of documentation and
experimenting ahead of me. On Saturday, I will compile my first kernel
(to hopefully fix the ethernet problem).
I only stumbled upon the ppc directory on ftp.debian.org (what does
hamm stand for anyway?)

I can help with some processing power (i.e. give someone a username
on the 8500 so that they can compile at MET nighttime & weekends, at least
as long as we don't yet have Rhapsody DR1).
I also want to help in getting a DebianPPC out there. Is there such a thing
installed anywhere yet? Can I install it myself? Can I do it from within
MkLinux or (Redhat) LinuxPPC? Is the Debian installer ported yet? N.B. I haven't
even seen the Debian installer in action yet. That's because I don't have
a Wintel machine anywhere (except the SuSE box mentioned above, which is busy
running a Web- and Newsserver).
(Yes, you can split up your answers into different threads :-)

What I would like to help with if I can is sort of helping myself to install
DebianPPC on the 4400/200, i.e. porting the installer. What am I to do in
this chicken/egg problem?

As an aside: LinuxPPC does a bootdisk that requires you to change the parameter
ram to booting <fd:installer.coff>. Why does the Mac simply accept this executable
format? Does *every* Mac disk have a boot block? Do I have to read the book on Coff?

Many more questions coming up, but it should be enough for now...



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