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Re: Debian PopCon Data

On Thu, 2019-02-21 at 10:12 +0000, Christoph Gentsch wrote:

> I am a security researcher from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and
> am currently working on a common security metric based on source code
> analytics.

Will the analysis be public and the code for that be open source?

If you're analysing Debian, once the analysis is published, please
get it added to the Debian research publications wiki page:


> For the validation I want to use historic data of bigger open source
> projects, such as CVEs and popularity measures. Therefor,
> the data from the debian popularity project is very interesting for
> me. Unfortunately, there is only the statistics for the current
> stable version available. But when I select a single package, there
> is a plot of older releases also. So therefor I know, the data is
> there, but I found no download link for this historic popcon data.
> Also the ultimate debian database seems not to contain that. So
> that's why I ask you. Do you know, how I could get this data, or whom
> I could ask for it? This would be very kind!

The data from the popcon graphs is available in JSON form here:


If you would like something other than individual package data,
we can provide a data dump, if given the appropriate SQL query.



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