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[Popcon-developers] popcon issues

[Bill Allombert]
> Do you use NTP or otherwise has accurate time ?

Of course. :)

> Maybe you are affected by bug #709892 ?

Yeah, could be. :)

> I have set a crontab that measure the answer time of the server across
> the day.  Based on the result I will ask the DSA for help.

What about checking the web server log to see how many connect to the
cgi script per minute, to see if we are close to the limit of the
script?  I tried to locate the web log on popov, but suspect I lack the
privilege required to see it.

> However it might be a good time to try the new version of popcon that
> use a random submission time:

I've installed it on my laptop now. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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