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[Popcon-developers] popcon & derivatives

Hi all,

On the derivatives list we got a question about the contents of the
derivatives guidelines being out-of-date with respect to popcon. I
replied saying I would followup with popcon devs.


Do we have any estimate about when a derivative should avoid sending
reports to Debian because it might overload the server? For example I
guess Ubuntu would be above this limit since it has an order of
magnitude more popcon submitters than Debian.

The guidelines talk about adding a version number extension. AFAIK
popcon.d.o doesn't use that, except to differentiate that Ubuntu
popcon version that sent reports to Debian. I note that there are
several version extensions already listed on the popcon site, which
appear to correspond to Canaima, Ubuntu and Emdebian. Would it be a
good idea to extend popcon.d.o to also use popcon version extensions
as an indicator of derivatives and mention this as an alternative in
the derivatives guidelines, at least until most derivatives are using
that version of popcon? If necessary I could extend the derivatives
census scripts to output a list of current and historical popcon
versions and which derivatives they correspond to.



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