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Re: Popcon and version suffix in derivative packages. Wiki oudated?

The situation with popcon has changed a bit and it looks like I forgot
to update the wiki page.

The current situation is this:

popularity-contest version 1.58 and higher sends the dpkg vendor field
so we can now differentiate between Debian and derivatives who
correctly set the dpkg vendor field, but only for derivatives derived
from jessie (not wheezy or earlier) or those who backport/import the
latest popcon.

The popcon developers were somewhat concerned about about volume of
reports and whether or not the server would be up to processing these
reports. I will seek their advice about this and get back to you. I
expect the answer will be something like "if you have more than X
users/machines, please don't send reports to Debian".

As far as I know popcon.d.o doesn't use version number extensions to
differentiate reports from derivatives, except for a version from
Ubuntu that was mistakenly uploading to popcon.d.o instead of
popcon.u.c. I will talk to the popcon developers about this and take a
look at the existing data about it. It is clear that it will be useful
in some cases, I note Canaima, Ubuntu and Emdebian versions are
already represented on the popcon site. The wiki page is also
incorrect about which package needs to have a version suffix
(popularity-contest, not apt) since no version numbers except that of
popcon are sent.

Thanks for sending this mail, hope my reply helps.



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