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[Popcon-developers] Popcon takes over my PC

Hello Chas IRONS,

> The System monitor is always running on my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop . So
> when response drops I switch to see why and popularity-con is active.
> The priority is shown as very low but my active program practically
> stops for up to a minute. This status lasts for maybe half an hour.
> So I have done some digging and found this in the FAQ:
> "Under the default configuration of cron, this happens at 6:47 in the
> morning.
> This can be changed by editing /etc/crontab but if your computer is not
> always
> turned on, we really recommend you install the anacron package."
> Because I am a retired end user I only run the PC a few hours a day. 
> Please advise me how to use anacron or how else to avoid the slow-down.
> I do not want to remove popcon. In fact I suggest the data could be used
> to limit software updates to only the programs that are used every month.

Installing anacron instead of cron would not solve your problem.  It
would just make sure that cronjobs that could not run when your computer
is switched off do run later when it is on again.

Your problem is related to nice vs ionice, see

Best regards,

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