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[Popcon-developers] Popcon takes over my PC

Good day Maintainers

I believe popcon is a valuable sampling program.

The System monitor is always running on my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop . So
when response drops I switch to see why and popularity-con is active.
The priority is shown as very low but my active program practically
stops for up to a minute. This status lasts for maybe half an hour.

So I have done some digging and found this in the FAQ:
"Under the default configuration of cron, this happens at 6:47 in the
This can be changed by editing /etc/crontab but if your computer is not
turned on, we really recommend you install the anacron package."

Because I am a retired end user I only run the PC a few hours a day.
Please advise me how to use anacron or how else to avoid the slow-down.

I do not want to remove popcon. In fact I suggest the data could be used
to limit software updates to only the programs that are used every

Thanks for your kind attention.  Chas IRONS
irons.charles at gmail.com
Home +2711 782 8623
Mobile +2783 588 0028 

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