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[Popcon-developers] Re: Forgot to approve messages, ~500 messages waiting for approval

[Bill Allombert]
> I hope you did not assume gross irresponsibility on my part by not
> reading <popularity-contest@packages.debian.org> whereas I am one of
> the maintainer.

Nope, I did not assume gross irresponsiblity.  That is correct.

> Mail sent to popularity-contest@packages.debian.org should reach me
> immediatly and not when and if you approve them.

Sounds good.  If you know how to make it happen, please implement it.
I have no idea how to make it happen without accepting lots of spam
into the list as well.

> Wait until I got back from vacation and replied to you ?

I was woundering what you wanted me to do with the emails pending
approval.  I already realise you wanted me to not do anything about
the mails while you were on vacation.

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